Fit2Fill’s Channel 4 comedy series “Pets” looks at the lives of four animals living together in the same rundown house. There’s Hamish, a well spoken red setter who sees himself as something of an intellectual. There’s Trevor, a perverted and foul-mouthed bulldog who’s forever reading porno mags or shagging the furniture.

There’s Davina, a Persian blue cat who’s addicted to over the counter medication and is constantly planning to do something very nasty to her boyfriend Vince.

Finally, there is JP the parrot, who lost all his feathers in a card game and lives in a tiny little world of his own invention.

There are 26 episodes of Pets, plus a clip show and a “Making of.” The series has been shown in the UK, Australia and Italy – a country in which the puppets became so famous they got their own chat-show on MTV.

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